Artimage III: The Complete Saga

Artimage III: The Complete Saga

In a “what-if” future setting, the Earth has become overpopulated; so overpopulated that folks have migrated to the mystery inhabitants known as Mars. Obviously, Mars has little to no oxygen at all which makes it a bit difficult for people to live there, so scientists developed androids to do the bedding of others. Due to the success of creating a town on Mars, second and third developmental types of androids were created in hopes of being a better version of the original. 

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Here we enter Armitage, an android or commonly referred to as a “Third” due to her being one of the last androids created to appear to be human, although she doesnt know it at the time. She serves as a policewoman, running around town with her human partner, Ross Sylibus, a disgruntled cop who lost his leg due to an accident in the past. Unknowing to Armitage, Ross secretly despises robots because a confrontation with them in the past cost him a leg and a partner. Through a series of circumstances, Ross and Artimage become partners, appearing both to be typical human representatives in a mixed society. All seems well, that is until a confrontation at the airport brings certain elements to the surface and suddenly all eyes are fixed on the list of “Third” androids who seem to be a problem. Surprisingly, Artimage finds her name on that list.

Armitage suddenly finds herself  trying to adjust to a complexed lifestyle, whereas the human society doesn’t accept her, and the robotic society is looking to destroy her in attempts to reduce the population. Secretly, the government has issued killing robots or commonly referred to as “assassinroids” who are meant to seek and destroy the “Third” androids. Trying to find a common ground in her life, she decides to embark on a journey to find her father/creator, hoping it will help her find her reason for her programming.

Anime lovers should enjoy this cybernetic, sci-fi action  thriller. When you think animators and visionaries can’t come up with another great idea, they surprise audiences yet again. Only a true anime fanatic will like the dark and mysterious tone this story portrays, and if anything else, a cybernetic female protagonist who doesn’t like to be told no as well as shoot first and ask questions later isnt appealing, nothing is…

One of the things this anime demonstrates is sort of a natural selection kind of feel; those with higher authority determining who is fit to live and die, similar to the The Hunger Games adaptations where civilians had conflict with the government. Artimage proves herself to be a strong individual; one who isnt hesitate to stand up for what she feels is right and put her life on the line in-order to discover the truth. Although she may appear to be an android, it’s very humanistic of her to show emotion and feeling towards others.

The DVD format offers a behind-the-scene look at “Assembling Armitage” and also a 5.1 Music Player which features Armitage’s theme, the Orchestral theme, and the Red Planet theme.