Alien: Covenant (4k Ultra HD + Blu-Ray)

Alien: Covenant (4k Ultra HD + Blu-Ray)
Alien: Covenant (4k Ultra HD + Blu-Ray)

Alien: Covenant returns to its roots and delivers what fans had originally hope for with Prometheus!

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“Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created with the next ALIEN adventure! The crew of the colony ship Covenant uncovers a deadly threat and must attempt a harrowing escape.”

As the crew of the Covenant come out of hyper sleep early due to damage to their ship from a solar shockwave, a rogue transmission that looks to be human in origin in the depths of space cause them to investigate a planet that could hold the possibilities of being the perfect candidate for their colony. As with most films of the franchise, things aren’t quite as they seem, as horrific things begin to plague the crew as they explore this unknown world.

Without giving anything away, which is hard to do if you want to discuss the film, there are connections between this and Prometheus. I won’t go into exactly what these connections are to preserve the surprises and plot twists that they entail, however, based on these circumstances it is clear that Ridley Scott cares nothing about preserving the canon of the franchise, namely the AvP films. Initially I was completely disappointed by that. Sure, the films are complete garbage, especially the second one; but the first film had a few fun moments that bridged the gap cinematically between two iconic sci-fi creatures that all started with an Alien skull in Predator 2 which was only seen for a few seconds. Still, there are certain things that still don’t make sense in respect to Scott’s original Alien film and how it ties in, but with plans to have a sequel to Alien: Covenant, perhaps those questions will be answered.

Despite these inconsistencies and Ridley Scott’s admitted neglect of films that came previously, Alien: Covenant is still one hell of a good film. It may follow the same exact structure as many of the other films, but it’s a structure that works, and Ridley Scott has made sure to include this in his most recent visitation to the franchise he helped create. Characters are well written, and the themes of the film still touch on creation, but also touch a bit more heavily on faith, as Billy Crudup’s character struggles to lead his crew while believing they don’t respect him based on his beliefs. As I mentioned, the film has quite a few surprises in store, which propel the story forward at a good pace, much improved from Prometheus.

One thing I have always enjoyed, whether or not it is Ridley Scott’s doing or not, is the strong female characters in these films. Originally written as a man, Ripley became one of the quintessential heroines in the Sci-Fi universe, and Scott has ensured that trend to continue in the franchise. First with Elizabeth Shaw, and now with Daniels; it seems that Xenomorphs don’t have a good track record when it comes to dealing with the female sex of our species.

There is an aspect of the ending of the film that is quite predictable, however, it still becomes quite a thrill-ride that will make fans want to see the next chapter of Ridley Scott’s new saga in the Alien universe. Despite these shortcomings, the film is very entertaining, more in line with the original films, something I believe that fans wanted.


Alien: Covenant is presented in 2160p 4k UltraHD 2.40:1. Just as Prometheus did, and if it is even possible, Alien: Covenant looks better. The 4k presentation is flawless, with the HDR bringing extremely life-like colors to the screen. The balance is incredible, with the alien worlds in particular looking spectacular. Science Fiction films contain so much color, in contrast to the black void of space, and they are some of the best films to view in 4k HDR. I count Alien: Covenant among these, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The Blu-Ray disc included in this set is presented in 1080p High Definition Widescreen 2.40:1.


The audio is presented in Dolby Atmos on the 4k disc, and sounds amazing. Balance is good, which contains impressive actions scenes that will immerse your surround sound with highest quality of sound. The score is quite impressive as well, which has hints of the soundtrack from the original, adding a nostalgic quality to the film.

The audio on the Blu-Ray is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1.

Special Features

The extras on the disc are well worth watching. Although they may not be as in-depth as I would have liked, there still exists commentary by Ridley Scott to get his insight into the world and the direction he wants to take it.

  • Alien: Covenant in High Definition
  • Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Master Class: Ridley Scott
  • Production Gallery
  • David’s Illustrations
  • InWorld Featurettes: Advent and Phobos
  • Theatrical Trailers

Alien: Covenant takes the franchise into a new direction, leaving behind the less important incarnations. Despite the disappointment that may be felt by some, the film succeeds in breathing new life into the franchise, which many though Prometheus failed to do. The set delivers beautiful quality that the film deserves to be viewed in. Pick up the 4k version today!


  • Return to original structure.
  • Increased horror element.


  • Purposeful exclusion of canon.