Marvel Future Fights getting characters from Black Panther

Marvel Future Fights getting characters from Black Panther

Official details below.

Seoul, Korea (February 7, 2018) – Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, has released a new update for its hit mobile title MARVEL Future Fight that introduces characters from the upcoming film, Marvel’s Black Panther, including the Wakandan princess Shuri, the rebellious villain Erik Killmonger, and black market arms dealer Ulysses Klaue. Three new uniforms will also be added in the update, including upcoming film-inspired outfits for Black Panther, Shuri and Killmonger.

The update will also add a brand-new Black Panther-themed ‘Legendary Battle’ (formerly named Cinematic Battle) featuring background and events inspired by the upcoming film, including an epic battle in Wakanda between Black Panther and Erik Killmonger.

Additionally, players can also participate in a new quiz system called “Daily Trivia” that helps showcase various game functions in a simple multiple-choice quiz form. It will offer special rewards for players who answer questions about the game correctly. Those answering incorrectly will still get small rewards.

“With the massive buzz around the upcoming Black Panther feature film and current comic book run, MARVEL Future Fight is excited to introduce iconic characters and battles from the series into the game,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer at Netmarble Games. “We can’t wait for players to bring the epic experience as seen in the comics and inspired by the upcoming movie with them on their mobile devices.”

Additional details around the new characters joining MARVEL Future Fight are included below:
Shuri – The younger sister of T’Challa and head of the Wakandan Design Group. Princess Shuri is a genius inventor, and an innovative spirit. She uses her talents to create advanced technology for the betterment of Wakanda.

Erik Killmonger – Erik Killmonger vows to overthrow T’Challa from the throne and run the nation his own way. He is both a powerful warrior and an expert in politics and economics, making him one of Black Panther’s most formidable enemies.

Ulysses Klaue – A black market arms dealer and smuggler, Ulysses Klaue terrorizes the nation of Wakanda for its most precious resource – vibranium. His cybernetic arm gives him enhanced strength and sonic abilities.
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