Santa Missing! – The Latest RuneScape Adventure

Santa Missing! – The Latest RuneScape Adventure

Santa’s gone missing! Check out the latest adventure from RuneScape.

The jolly, red-suited one is missing after trying to turn his clockwork gnome into a real boy in a brand new mini-quest, part of the winter events taking place across Gielinor.

The festive season has finally begun in earnest in RuneScape, but is immediately under threat in ‘The G-Nome Project’, a brand new mini-quest that sees players search for Santa… who’s gone missing!

Last seen heading on an adventure to transform a clockwork gnome into a real boy, the quest is a continuation of a storyline started in November, when players had to find pieces of the toy. If they succeed in finding Santa and saving Christmas, players will receive some fiery rewards.
Through to January 8th, RuneScape will also see the return of the ‘Festive Aura’, which provides players with a 50% experience boost and an icy cool cosmetic effect. The annual in-game advent calendar is also well underway, so players should log in and claim their free gifts every day until December 25th.

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