Facebook and Supercell partner to bring Clash of Clans to AR

Facebook and Supercell partner to bring Clash of Clans to AR

This makes me want to play Clash of Clans a little bit. Enjoy the details below for Facebook and Supercell’s partnership.

In celebration of Supercell’s Clash of Clans fifth anniversary, the game’s Builder is now appearing in augmented reality, thanks to Facebook’s AR studio. Players for the first time ever will be able to put themselves inside the Builder’s shoes (or, more accurately, his face). When they flip the camera around, they’ll also be able to place the Builder in the real world, wherever they are.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about it: “In as little as five years, Supercell has built one of the most vibrant game communities in the world through Clash of Clans,” said Leo Olebe, director of global games partnerships at Facebook. “Using the AR Studio tool on Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform, Supercell is giving Clash fans a chance to celebrate and become a character most deserving of some love. We’re proud to team up with Supercell, and we’re happy to finally give the Builder a chance to work on some new, hopefully more rewarding projects.”

Five years after its release in August 2012, Clash of Clans continues to be one of the top 10 grossing games on the app store charts, frequently taking the #1 spot. Throughout the month, the team has been celebrating the anniversary with activities and events in and outside of the game.

In the ten days since Supercell revealed that the game’s Builder left the game to search for a place where his creations might last longer than the next battle, the announcement of his departure on YouTube has been viewed more than 53M times. He’s on the search to find a new job and he stole the password for the Clash of Clans Instagram account to chronicle his adventures. Most recently, he was spotted building real-world structures in New York and now, through Facebook AR, he can appear wherever in the world players place him.

Be sure to follow along the Builder’s journey and check him out in AR. Here are some easy instructions:

– Start with the Face Lens.
– Smile, and show those teeth.
– Raise your eyebrows.
– Do something fun and flirty.
– Flip to the Back facing lens and position the Builder so that he’s “building” something.