Trion set to Twitch stream details of Trove Eclipse Expansion

Trion set to Twitch stream details of Trove Eclipse Expansion

Will have to check this expansion out. Until then, enjoy the details.

Tune in to Trion Worlds’ Trove Eclipse livestream series every Friday at 12:30 PM PT, August 4 through August 22. Each episode will showcase the new features coming to Trove in the Eclipse update, the game’s first major expansion to launch simultaneously on all platforms.

The upcoming livestream schedule and topics follow below:

Friday, August 4 @ 12:30 PM PT
Gem Forging – Players can modify existing stats on gems by augmenting them closer to perfection. If a stat isn’t right for their class, players can re-roll it into a more desirable stat that is!

Friday, August 11 @ 12:30 PM PT
World Atlas – A brand new system for travelling throughout Trove – this fully illustrated map is located in the Hub and allows players to quick travel to far flung corners of the world or even the dreaded Shadow Tower.

Friday, August 18 @ 12:30 PM PT
Sub-Classes – All players level 10 or higher may now designate a Sub Class to unlock a passive skill and stat bonuses from any other Trove class, giving them the freedom to customize their Trovian in cool ways and adding new avenues for powering up.

Friday, August 25 @ 12:30 PM PT
Eclipse Launch Stream – The Trion team celebrates the Eclipse launch!

The Trove Eclipse livestreams will air at