Vaux cuts the cord on the Amazon Echo Dot

Vaux cuts the cord on the Amazon Echo Dot

There are few electronic products out on the market that make me smile, as I generally start with skepticism, move on to reviewing and then finalizing a decision on whether the smile rears its head or not. The Vaux is one of those rare devices that make me giddy just to know that someone is thinking about detaching the poor Dot from its USB confines.

As a proud owner of a PS4 Pro, a bevy of mobile Samsung devices, several extra controllers for the PS4 and an HTC Vive, our household tends to go through a sh*t ton of micro USB cords, which are built to eventually fail (or I assume). All of this means that the poor Dot is always at risk of losing its cord to one of the previous mentioned devices. Having the ability to detach the cord permenantly from the Dot scheme and still have the ability to use it and use it well, is an interesting notion, and one that I’ll certainly be exploring when the Vaux from Nintey7Life comes in.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Below is the official release details for the Vaux. Enjoy and stay tuned for a review.

Starting today, consumers will be able to unleash to full power of Alexa with the first battery-powered speaker created specifically for Amazon Echo Dot. Called “Vaux,” the device, allows users to cut the cord and “set their Dot free,” allowing them mobility, as well as increased audio quality.

There is no other product on the market for Amazon Echo Dot that combines a speaker with a portable battery pack.

The product was created exclusively for the Dot and with its easy plug-and-play set-up, users simply pop their Dot into the top of the Vaux, plug in the internal connectors and now don’t have to worry about being near an electrical outlet.

Tunes can jam through a more powerful speaker from anywhere in the house and Alexa can easily move from room to room.

Vaux comes in two colors to match the Dot, Carbon and Ash, enabling consumers to “dress up” their Amazon product and have it seamlessly blend in with their home environment – Turning a tech product into a beautiful home accessory. The product will be available for immediate shipping starting today for $49