Firefly Studios announces MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

Firefly Studios announces MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

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Morph between spirit forms and crush hordes of evil minions! The Lords of Death have returned and with the green, fertile lands of the overworld under siege it’s up to you to take the fight beneath the earth. Liberate dungeons, free the spirits of fallen heroes and turn their powers against Death himself!

Welcome to MetaMorph, an original title from Firefly Studios’ new ‘Firefly Labs’ team releasing this year on Early Access. A strategic dungeon crawler that rewards character switching, elemental counters and crowd control, MetaMorph challenges you to best a series of increasingly difficult dungeons filled with fire imps, vengeful wisps and hulking golems. These things are all trying to kill you. Good luck!

To survive you must solve the ‘puzzle’ of each encounter. Choose which spirit
forms to take into battle and morph between them at will to counter enemies of
all shapes and sizes. Plan your attack and react on the fly as you combine strategy
with twitch skills to decimate opponents and reclaim your land from the Lords of

MORPH between powerful spirit forms, shapeshifting to counter and crush enemy hordes.
MASTER tactical combat in an adventure that rewards strategic choices over button mashing.
EXPLORE hostile dungeons infested with demons, grotesque experiments and vengeful spirits.
CUSTOMISE your heroes’ ability loadouts and team composition before braving each hellish lair.
BANISH Death’s horde to the nether realm with each hero’s unique powers and attributes.

MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures is the creation of ‘Firefly Labs’, a new internal team at Firefly Studios responsible for prototyping new IPs and game concepts outside the company’s traditional expertise in strategy-simulation. While the core Firefly team will continue to work on Stronghold titles including Stronghold Kingdoms mobile, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition and a new mainline Stronghold title for PC, the Labs team will develop MetaMorph for release later this year on Early Access. MetaMorph will be developed with the help of Firefly’s core community, with the aim of leaving Early Access and releasing worldwide in early 2018.