Photos from the 2nd Annual Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

At Lexington Comic & Toy Convention, you can see Jurassic Jeeps…

…and ghost-busting station wagons.

Although, they might need to update their tags.

Photo-op? Must not have been too many ghosts about in Lexington this afternoon.

Space witches released from their dumpster after 10,000 years are welcome at LexCon.

Those zombies don’t have a chance.

No, we believe YOU.

David Yost, who played Billy Cranston in various incarnations of Power Rangers, gets ready to sign his first autograph at LCTC.

Karan Ashley (right), who played Aisha Campbell in the second and third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, laughs with a promoter before signing autographs.

NOH8! (NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality. Several Power Rangers actors are active in the campaign.)

Fans wait in line to meet Jason David Frank.

Jason David Frank (right), who played Tommy Oliver in various incarnations of Power Rangers, gets candid with a fan.

Check out those panels!

Old school.

Nintendo cartridges. A.k.a., my childhood.

I’ve got the power!

Toy time!

Oh, if I had that many Master Balls…

“The TARDIS is sexy.”

Star ‘Saurs.

Say cheese!

Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian in Star Wars) prepares to sign autographs after a break.

Dragonzord Battle Mode cosplay. At LexCon, you go hard or you go home.

Karan Ashley (left) excited during a conversation with Catherine Sutherland, who played Katherine Hillard in various incarnations of Power Rangers.

Lunch break for the spartan.

Jason Faunt (right), who played Wes and Alex in Power Rangers Time Force, poses with a fan.

Tired Jawa is tired.

Billy Dee Williams (right) poses with a fan as the convention wound down.

Personalized Star Wars Converse. Yes, LexCon has something for EVERYBODY.