Broken City, The Verdict and the Henry Fonda Film Collection heading home in May

Broken City, The Verdict and the Henry Fonda Film Collection heading home in May

Broken City (May 7th, 2013)
Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in this gripping crime thriller where everyone has a motive and no one can be trusted.   Seven years after being forced to resign as a New York police officer, private detective Billy Taggart (Wahlberg) takes on his toughest case yet: following the wife (Zeta-Jones) of the city’s hard-nosed mayor (Crowe), who’s convinced she’s cheating on him.  But by the time the mayor reveals his true intentions, Billy is already in too deep. Now, with his freedom — and quite possibly his life — on the line, Billy will risk it all in a desperate bid to expose the truth, and seek redemption in a city where second chances don’t come cheap.

Broken City Blu-ray Special Features
●    Alternate Ending
●    Five Deleted / Extended Scenes
●    Putting It All Together Documentary – A Behind-the-Scenes look including Cast Profiles, Anatomy of a Thriller, a “Black List” script and more
●    Theatrical Trailer

Viva Zapata! (May 7th, 2013)
The life and times of the legendary Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata are brought to the screen in Darryl F. Zanuck’s powerful production of John Steinbeck’s screenplay. Marlon Brando, fresh from his success in A Streetcar Named Desire, gives a stunning portrayal of the outlaw turned revolutionary leader. The film also boasts Anthony Quinn’s 1952 Best Supporting Actor Oscar®-Winning performance as Zapata’s brother. Viva Zapata! is one of the classic political movies and another fine example of Brando’s genius as a film actor.

The Verdict (May 7th, 2013)
Nominated for five Academy Awards® including Best Picture, Best director and Best Actor, The Verdict is “stirring, entertaining cinema” (Us)! This Blu-ray™ release is packed with compelling special features including on-camera interviews with Oscar® winner Paul Newman* and legendary director Sidney Lumet and is the perfect way to experience “one of the finest courtroom movies ever made” (New York)!

Frank Galvin (Newman) is a boozy washed-up attorney with a losing streak a mile long. so when he’s handed a lucrative out-of-court settlement, everyone expects him to take the money and run. But Frank is tired of running. In a desperate bid to reclaim his self-respect, he recklessly brings the case to court – only to discover that if finding the whole truth is a little like trial and error, then finding real justice is a lot like trial by fire.

*Actor, The Color of Money, 1986.

The Verdict Special Features
●    Paul Newman: The Craft of Acting
●    Milestones in Cinema History: The Verdict
●    Sidney Lumet: The Craft of Directing
●    Audio Commentary with Director Sidney Lumet and Star Paul Newman
●    Two Additional Featurettes

Brubaker (May 7th, 2013)
Robert Redford stars in this potent drama based on the real life story of Tom Murton, the prison superintendent who rocked Arkansas politics when he exposed scandalous abuses and murders in a state prison. Posing as a new prisoner, Brubaker (Redford) discovers vast corruption in a state penitentiary before revealing himself to be the new warden. His personal crusade to bring reform puts him in grave danger, especially when he insists on exposing a series of secret murders that took place years earlier. Powerful and disturbing, Brubaker won acclaim for its gritty realism and Oscar®-Nominated original screenplay.

Brubaker Special Features
●    Trailer & TV Spots

The Henry Fonda Film Collection (May 7th, 2013)
Known for his natural and sincere portrayals on the silver screen, Academy Award® Winner Henry Fonda* was equally adept at dramatic, romantic and comedic roles, often playing strong, thoughtful men of integrity. With a career spanning nearly half a century and more than 80 films, he developed a worldwide fan following as one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors…and left a legacy of truly memorable motion picture performances.

The Henry Fonda Film Collection Features:
●    Jesse James
●    Drums Along the Mohawk
●    The Grapes of Wrath
●    The Return of Frank James
●    Immortal Sergeant
●    The Ox-Bow Incident
●    My Darling Clementine
●    Daisy Kenyon
●    The Longest Day
●    The Boston Strangler