Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – The Teeth of Naros (DLC #2)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – The Teeth of Naros (DLC #2)

38 Studios continues to open up more of the expansive Kingdom of Amalur. In The Teeth of Naros, players unlock a new area known as Idylla. It’s about as large as the island from The Legend of Dead Kel, and includes five new dungeon environments and three new Twists of Fate. There are twenty new story and side quests, and it all begins when you join up with Helyc Crosse and his band of mercs near the Ballads Oratory.


You’ll discover plenty of history and lore about Naros and its inhabitants. The inhabitants consist of new enemies, new friendly NPCs, and some familar foes with variations, such as Jottun, Sprites, Kobolds, and Rats. Expect to face the Pteryx, which is a giant bird-like creature. Imagine a cross between an ostrich and a Velociraptor and you have a Pteryx. There are also Kollossae Marauders who are Kollossae that have returned to their Barbaric ways. “Normal” Kollossae are giant and friendly, whose appearance reminded me of a statue, but they are indeed flesh and blood.

Several unique weapons found on Naros include the Xiphos, Eye of Lupoku, Fallenstar, Naros Splinter Charm, and the Primal Mirror. A new type of weapon, the Primal Weapons, are introduced too. These weapons remove or significantly lower resistances. As an example, if you encountered an enemy with a resistance to poison attacks, you could use a Primal weapon to counter their resistance. While I like the idea, the base damage of these weapons was lower than the weapons I was already using, so I didn’t find a great deal of use in them. Furthermore, there are additional accessories such as the Koliossae Sandals and Pteryx Eye Ring to discover, too.



The Teeth of Naros is a very smoothly integrated DLC that flows with the rest of the game nicely. Players seeking a new level cap beyond 40 will not find it with Naros, nor will they likely feel threatened by the new combat challenges here. However, if you’re just looking to extend your time in Amalur by several hours (depending on your skill and desire to take on quests), Naros is a very logical and worthwhile purchase.