Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation Map Pack

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation Map Pack

The Annihilation Map Pack is the third downloadable content pack from Activision and Treyarch for Call of Duty – Black Ops and includes five new maps. They are as follows:

Hanger 18: This map is located at the infamous Area 51 (aka Groom Lake). Here players will battle through the highly classified base alongside experimental weapons, an SR-71 test plane, and a creepy autopsy lab.

Drive-In: Drive-In is a close-quarters map that encompasses a 1960’s Drive-In. This one was designed to resemble Nuketown, based on its size and lack of long-range views.

Hazard: Located in Cuba, here gamers will be on the cliffs of paradise, and will be able to enjoy long walks down the fairways of the golf course. That’s if you plan on getting creamed by the enemy.

Silo: This map is exactly what it sounds like – a missile silo. Hidden deep within the Soviet Union, this secret nuclear missile site involves a gigantic multi-level environment.

Shangri-La: Shangri-La is an all-new Zombie experience. Here, players will encounter blood-thirsty zombies that will stop at nothing to tear you to shreds. Players will have to navigate through the temple maze, and do all they can to avoid getting caught by the traps hidden within its ancient walls.

Playing all new maps is always exciting, and the Annihilation Map Pack doesn’t disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at what the gameplay is like for each of the new maps.

Hanger 18

Hanger 18 is a symmetrical multiplayer map. Here, two teams will begin directly opposite of each other, and will have to race to secure the hanger located in the center of the map. The hanger is the prime location, as long as all the entrances are secure. The visuals of this map are stunning, and the roaring engines of the SR-71 blasting in the middle of the hanger are very cool. It’s worth noting, however, that these engines do not hurt you if you stand near or even directly behind them. They are simply there for show. Through out this map, players will encounter a variety of mythical spectacles associated with this infamous base. If you have the time, be sure to take in all the detail, as they consist of a lot of cool looking assets and images.


This is a small map, but packs a good punch overall. One team starts behind the old projector screen, and the other begins behind or near the Drive-In entrance. The opposing sides are similar, but not symmetrical. The team that begins behind the screen will have the option to go beneath, around, or climb up for a peak through. Players beware, because this opening is quite large and can make you an easy target. It is, however, the best location to see across the map. There are several small buildings on the movie screen side that provide great places to duck and cover without sacrificing visibility. However, the same cannot be said about the opposite side. There are small buildings and vehicles that can provide cover, but they will leave you more susceptible to surprise attacks. To maintain a balance on the battlefield, there are look-out points across from one another in this map.


Silo is one of the largest multiplayer maps in the game. This massive complex is covered with multi-level buildings and passageways, which players can scramble about. The high ground provides pretty good visibility for those who enjoy using snipers and other long-range weapons. With so many twists and sharp corners, there are plenty of spots for those who like sticking with the close-range weapons as well. Systematically, there are missiles that launch. These missiles are beyond the map’s boundaries, so there is no danger during the launch. Overall, this complex multiplayer map consists of something for everyone.


Hazard is located at a beautiful golf resort. Here, players will find themselves in awe as they battle across this breathtaking map. If you find yourself skipping across the golf course, try not to stay on it too long. There are a ton of places for snipers to post up to take you out. Typically, one would expect a sniper to be among the higher locations. My advice would be to keep an eye on the sand traps…


Shangri-La is an intense zombie map. Players will be hard-pressed to take this one on their own. As you progress through this zombie infested world, players will be faced with obstacles within the map as well. Walls will suddenly appear, creating a maze-like environment. You’ll have to be quick on the trigger to get through this one.

Overall, these maps are pretty impressive and very well-designed. They range in size from small to large, and contain a lot of unique details. If you are considering expanding your Black Ops experience, the Annihilation Map Pack is the way to go.