Impressions: Sonic Generations

I finally got my hands on Sonic Generations and I have to say that of what I played, I really enjoyed the game. Sure, the series has been marred by gimmick after gimmick that typically has left gamers dejected but I must say that it seems they finally understand what it is longtime Sonic fans want. Leave it to a 20th anniversary title to mark the marriage of old and new gameplay resulting in a refreshing step back away from werewolves, motorcycles, and giant robot heroes.

The premise of the game involves “modern” Sonic teaming up with “classic” Sonic from the year 1991. Though they didn’t elaborate much on the story (our PR rep jokingly told us that Sonic would be played by none other than Tom Cruise), the two of them must work together to bring peace to the world of Sonic. By playing in their own unique styles, the two Sonics must traverse 3D and 2D renditions of environments, utilizing classic and modern Sonic gameplay.

As to the extent of each style of gameplay, this is precisely where SEGA appears to have created a success. Classic Sonic plays just like you remember from the original few Sonic games, giving him only the ability to run fast, jump, and charge up his dash. And, as for the modern Sonic, most of the recent gameplay elements are intact (such as grinding, homing attacks, and boosts). I found the first 2D level to be quite a rush, whereas the 3D level was actually a little fast and I often found myself hitting enemies or falling in pits (a familiar fate). But even so, I found that the transition between the classic and modern gameplay would be enough variation to keep me satisfied.

The game is being released on the 360, PS3, and 3DS and will support 3D on the PS3. Stay tuned for more coverage on the game and a detailed review this November.