Michael Jackson - The Experience

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Michael Jackson - The Experience


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April 12, 2011

I don't know anyone who isn't a fan of his music, or equally fascinated by his rhythmic dance moves. Millions dream of being able to sing and perform like Michael...and now they will have their chance. Michael Jackson - The Experience, is just that...an experience. Having played Dance Central on the Kinect in the past; I figured this one would be just the same. Needless to say, I was wrong. Sure Dance Central can make you sweat, but the Michael Jackson Experience will push you to sing and dance like the superstar himself!

This iconic game could only be conceived with full-body motion tracking in mind. Granted the Wii and PS3 version allow for a similar experience, but the Kinect version for the XBOX 360 is truly the ultimate experience. Players will get to learn the moves to some of the most memorable hits of our time.

Songs Included:

-Another Part of Me
-Beat It
-Billie Jean
-Black or White
-Blood on the Dance Floor
-Dirty Diana
-Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
-Earth Song
-The Girl is Mine (featuring Paul McCartney)
-Heal the World
-I Just Can't Stop Loving You (featuring Siedah Garrett)
-In the Closet
-Leave Me Alone
-Remember the Time
-Rock with You
-Smooth Criminal
-Speed Demon
-Stranger in Moscow
-Sunset Driver
-They Don't Care About Us
-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
-The Way You Make Me Feel
-Who Is It
-Will You Be There
-Workin' Day and Night

These songs are included in the PS3 version, but the Wii lacks 'Blood on the Dance Floor', 'Stranger in Moscow', and unless you get the Wal-Mart or HMV Special Edition; 'Another Part of Me' is not included as well. One of the biggest features the XBOX version has that the others don't...is you! Let's face it, the Kinect technology is pretty impressive, and it's utilization for Michael Jackson - The Experience; takes the glove off... Instead of seeing Michael out there busting the moves, the player sees their three-dimensional self! From head to toe - you are the one on the stage singing and dancing like the King of Pop! Whenever you nail one of his moves, you'll see a quick flash of MJ over your character. It's always a cool site to see.

That being said, however, we have to look at what the game lacks...

Michael Jackson - The Experience, consists of what we have mentioned above; the performance experience. Unlike games within this genre, there is no story/campaign mode. It also lacks XBOX Live co-op and battle modes.  The local modes consist of Solo and Multiplayer. These modes allow for one person at a time to step in and try their best at some of the famous MJ moves for cumulative or competitive scores. Yet the game doesn't offer any type of replays or recording features to share or watch a second time. The closest it has to keeping records are the top three completions within each song. Nevertheless, this game is fun for all ages.

Editor review

A Dance Game That'll Keep You on Your Toes...

This game can be a lot of fun, and even more so at a party with MJ fans. Teams can battle it out to see who can do the best job of dancing like the King of Pop, while others can enjoy the show. With its long list of hits, the game can provide hours of entertainment. It’s called ‘Michael Jackson – The Experience,’ because that was it is.

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