Borderlands DLC #4 – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Borderlands DLC #4 – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

More Of The Same, But Is That A Bad Thing?

The Borderlands DLC packs so far have been largely well received, and I don’t think this one will be any different. While it does not offer a new level cap or a great deal of new content, you can do a lot worse for $10. Players can expect around 4-6 hours to complete the DLC, depending on your level, whether or not you have co-op help, and how interested you are in tackling the side quests. There are five or six missions to complete for the main quest and around twenty or so side quests, although I didn’t attempt a lot of these.

Players will see many familiar foes, even some from previous DLC packs. The primary difference in these re-issued enemies is their robotic appearance, which is more so for looks than actual function. In other words, the robotic changes in these foes didn’t really give them more HP or anything, but they definitely look different. Enemies run at level 62, one more than the max cap of level 61 for the player. Expect to see Skags and Bullies robot-ified as well as General Knoxx and Undead Ned, and Steel, too. The difficulty on these seemed to range from very hard in some cases to too easy in others (in the case of Steel for example).



To my knowledge, there are no new weapons or items in this DLC, but you will still find dozens of weapons (the game is famous for its near infinite amount of weapons after all) as you work your way through. I should clarify that the ultimate goal here is to help the Hyperion Corporation stop the Ninja Assassin and his horde of robotic followers. To do this, players will take on quests that have them shutting down a factory, destroying a warehouse, turning off pumps, finding a special device, and activating said device. Once the main quest is complete, players are treated to a massive storage of weapons lockers to help them beef up their collection.

The game includes a few new Skill Points that you can assign to your character, and these are gotten through completing quests. Claptrap humor abounds throughout the DLC as well, and while some of it can get worn out, much of it is actually pretty funny.

Overall, this is a worthwhile trip back to Pandora for those that enjoyed Borderlands or any of its expansions. While it isn’t the most compelling or deep DLC out there, even when compared to others already released for this game, it’s fun enough to warrant your consideration.

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