Impressions – Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

I was actually a little disappointed by the lack of length to the Golden Sun: Dark Dawn demo at E3 2010. If you remember from E3 2009, the demo of the game was extremely short so I was expecting a significantly longer demo this year at E3. The demo did walk you through a training exercise for your psynergy as well as a short area of a dungeon and a look at a battle sequence but overall I felt like the demo was a still little short (only around 10 minutes).

I don’t know if Nintendo is merely holding out on information about the game and whether or not there is a larger amount of the game finished but if the demo at the show floor was any indication of the progress on the game, it would be difficult to see the Q4 2010 release date become a reality. Might we possibly see a delay and then a future release on the 3DS?

As for the game’s story, the setting is 30 years after the rise of the Golden Sun at the end of the second game and it contains a new set of young characters looking to live out their destiny. I asked a few questions about direct similarities to the other games’ story lines but wasn’t able to obtain any new information. For instance, I asked if any of the characters from the previous games might join in the adventure and received no information on the topic. Nonetheless, we’ll be poised to here any new information about the game in the coming months.