Impressions – Red Faction: Armageddon

The fourth Red Faction title is known as Armageddon and will take place below the surface of Mars. We were shown a brief play session which had the protagonist, Darius Mason, cleaning out some of the infected from an underground base.

The magnet gun allows players to tag one object, and then another, which makes the first object fly into the second. Using Volition’s GeoMod 2 engine, the damage effects are pretty amazing. In the demo, Darius needed to destroy several infected buildings. You can do this with brute force, or, use the Magnet gun to throw objects into them.

Darius has another ability thanks to his nano device. It’s able to repair objects, like a broken concrete block. The demo had Darius repairing a concrete block to increase its mass and then hurling it into a building. Another example showed Darius destroying a large crate, hopping into it, and then using the nano-device to repair it, with Darius hidden inside.

There was also a large mech suit in the demo that allowed Darius to dish out lots of damage. It didn’t seem particularly unique, but pretty cool nonethless.

I believe this one is on track for a release later this year.