Impressions – Blacklight: Tango Down

Ignition was showing off an interesting new DLC title coming out for $15. Known as Blacklight: Tango Down, this FPS military shooter allows players to deeply customize their weapons and utilize some pretty cool tech to get the upper hand on their enemy. Four player co-op is on the menu too.

Blacklight is set twenty-five years into the future and features twelve maps and sixteen player deathmatch support. Guns can be customized to an exhaustive degree. You can put a scope on a shotgun for example, and all sorts of other varieties. Armor can be similarly customized. Weapons can also be tweaked with ‘charms,’ various decals that add another layer of visual customization as well as changing the weapons’ attributes.

In the demo we played, players could use their HUD to briefly display the whereabouts of all enemies. This is called the HRV, Hyper Reality Visor. It’s explained that each player has the ability to tap into satellites and cell towers (reminds me of The Dark Knight) to see where everyone is. This only lasts a few seconds and takes several seconds to recharge. Players are also not able to shoot while using this. There are also ‘digi-grenades’ which allow you to distort another players’ view if they are caught in the proximity of the blast.

Missions will change dynamically and XP is doled out for a ranking system. Players can add weapon parts as they level up.

Blacklight is due out later this summer.