Borderlands DLC #3: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Borderlands DLC #3: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

What’s New

Secret Armory has a lot going for it. For veteran players, perhaps the most enticing addition is a new level cap. Players can now take their characters from level 50 to level 61. That said, there are no new Abilities, so the points you earn are distributed to the other abilities that you’ve already leveled up. So while previously players only had a max of forty-five points to spread about, Secret Armory allows you to earn eleven more to go towards the apparent maximum of 106.

Being able to level up is a feature people have wanted since the first DLC so it’s good to see it added here. You’ll face several new and plenty of old, familiar enemies though who are also leveled up and up to the task of giving you a good challenge. These include Skagg Riders, Drifters, and these really cool female ninjas that use swords and are extremely agile known as Lance Assassins. Drifters are like huge spiders that have a lot of HP and can dish out the pain. As always, playing with up to three friends isn’t a bad idea to help you tackle the hundreds of enemies you’ll face.

One of the best parts about playing co-op is driving vehicles, and Secret Armory actually includes three new vehicles: the Racer, Monster, and Lancer, an APC that can transport four players simultaneously. The Racer is similar to the Runners from the original game and uses a single rocket launcher. The Monster is a lot slower, and therefore cannot jump gaps as well, but it has better shielding and uses machine guns and an interesting new rocket that, when fired, splits into three or four mini-homing rockets. And although the Monster cannot reach the top speed of a Racer or Runner, it does have a longer Boost meter, giving players somewhere around thirty seconds to haul ass across the sandy terrain. As for the Lancer, this is great fun with four players. Each position has a role, including the driver who has a machine gun, a gunner with a pulse cannon of sorts, a mine seat to drop out mines from the back of the vehicle, and the blast seat which allows you to explosively nudge other rowdy vehicles off of you.

All of the action is spread out across about forty quests, including additional missions after the main story mission which takes place in the Secret Armory. There are some new weapons to be found, although I didn’t find anything all that interesting. Also, weapons cases have more capacity in Secret Armory. And although the final encounter wasn’t as exciting as I hoped, and some quest descriptions were a bit misleading or confusing, the overall experience was the best since the original game.

That, in a nutshell, is what awaits you in the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. To the summary…